Saturday, September 16, 2006

She's fixed

Gonzo got spayed yesterday. The vet also noticed two of her "baby" teeth were impacted so he remove them (for a fee of course, but cheaper and easier to do it while she's already under.)

So her cute fuzzy black tummy go shaved, poor baby. The shaved patch in the inside of her leg was where the I.V. was. The vet gave us a page of instructions. One says "Restrict exercise. No running or jumping for 7-10 days." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA are these people serious? This is a kitten we are talking about. We put her in the bathroom - just like when first brought her home. Around 5 a.m. she busted loose. Greg woke up and saw her sitting in our bedroom window. She then took a flying leap off and "attacked" Hana and the two of them went gallopping through the house. She's jumping and running and we can't stop her. So far so good. I'm more concerned about her and Hana playing since they do play rough so we are trying to restrict that. I asked the vet how old does he think she is now... he guesses 7 months. That's about 2 months older than his original estimate. We'll say 6 and split the difference.
This is a pre-op photo. I had to get the ladder out to hang the curtains back up (see previous post). Gonzo loved it, it's like a monkey bars for cats. I forgot to ask the vet how much she weighs. When I weighed her earlier this week she was 5 pounds. She's now is shoulder-to-shoulder to Cleo and only a pound lighter. Cleo won't play with Gonzo anymore, I think she's too big and rough.

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