Sunday, June 17, 2007

A tisket, a tasket, a kitten and a basket

Still no new camera, but here's a few cute one from April. (But aren't all cat photos cute?)

Here's Gonzo on her toy basket playing with what I call the "dingle" toy. I call it that because it has a jingle bell on it and it the sound it makes is more dingle than jingle. Gonzo's collar also has a bell so I call her "dingle brain" sometimes. You can compare this photo to the ones I took last August to see how she has grown.

This shot shows off Miss Hana's glorious pelt.

And here's an artsy one of them lounging by the window. I love how Gonzo disappears into the shadows. Poor dears won't be able to lounge by an open window until fall when things cool down again.