Friday, October 22, 2010

Harold's Tail

Apparently Harold sprained his tail. Who knew cats could do that? I've had cats all my life and this is a first. Thank goodness it's not broken. I noticed Sunday he was holding his tail oddly and wouldn't raise it straight up like he always does when greeting me. I felt it and it seemed OK and he didn't seem to be in any pain. I took him to the vet Monday morning just to be sure. They asked how he did it. Frankly I'm not really sure. I suspect maybe when we were playing. We were playing with his fav toy - the stick with the feather at the end. He was jumping up in the air and he can jump really high, but he doesn't pay attention to where he is landing and fell on me once and into the dresser. But he also goes racing through the house at top speed, usually running into a wall or something. He is such a little boy! Racing around, so curious and loves to play and jump on his sisters. I haven't been able to get a photo of the injured tail. But it seems to be doing better. Every day he can raise it higher. It still seems to have a small kink in it. There's not a lot the vet can do—can you imagine a cat's tail in a cast? They did give me some anti-inflammatory medicine for him. He has his annual check up and shots next week so that will be a follow up. The vet was so surprised how big he is now. Not quite 13 pounds but soon he will be, mark my words.