Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kitten in a basket part 2

Gonzo likes to "help" when ever Greg or I are doing anything.
So here's Gonzo helping me with the laundry.

Cat owners may recognize the "butt scratch face" Hana is displaying here.

This is a game I used to play with Cleo and Sandy.
1) Cat in bath tub 2) wiggle finger over edge 3) wait for attack.
I usually pull my hand away but it's tricky when you are trying to take photos at the same time.

"What's that?" "Hmmm... I better get ready to pounce" "Attack!"

Gonzo snoozing in a bed I made her out of styrofoam and towels when she came home from the vet.

Cleo likes to snooze in it too.

And this was just too cute not to include.
The shaved fur is growing in nicely.

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