Friday, September 04, 2009

But wait, more Harold!

This are starting to mellow at home. Gonzo is no longer hiding in the attic, but follows Harold around watching him. She still hisses if he gets too close. Hana's calmer too but not really engaging with him yet.

Harold also had his first vet visit yesterday. He IS a he, probably around 8 weeks and 2lbs. 8oz. He got a clean bill of health and was well behaved.

Nomming his foot.

Harold also shares Gonzo's passion for feather toys.
Maybe she's miffed he's taking over her stuff?

A rare still moment. He's watching Gonzo watch him.

Brought him to work today since just working half day. If you can call it working.
He's quite the distraction.

He was introduced to his first paper bag!

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