Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gonzo's Big Adventure

When I got up this morning, I asked Greg "Is coffee ready?" He replied "I can't find Gonzo." That woke me up! The last time he remembers seeing her was last night and she didn't appear for breakfast. First I looked all over the house, opening closets and calling her name. No luck. She's an indoor cat, we don't usually let her out because she refuses to come in and we have to chase her all over trying to get her back in the house. She might have escaped last night when I came home. She does that sometimes, you open the front door and she zips past you. We walked around the outside of the house calling her name. No Gonzo. It was 7:30 in the morning, way too early to be walking around the neighborhood calling out her name and "here kitty kitty." I was concerned but also didn't want to piss off the neighbors. It was too early to panic. We drank our coffee while reading the paper like we do every morning. It was too quiet without the "dingle dingle" of Gonzo's collar and there was no cat plopping down in the middle of the article you were reading.

After breakfast I walked around the block calling her, peering into the neighbors' yards. I saw one neighbor working in his yard and asked him to let me know if he sees her. I get back to our yard and Greg is turning the compost. We can see the neighbors across the street had come outside, working in their yard. Greg tells me to go talk to them. As I'm talking to them, I hear Greg calling my name "I found her!" He said he heard a mew and she was under our house. She was a little freaked out but ran into the house when Greg opened the door. After eating and a good wash, she holed up and slept all day. Usually she'll come "help" us with what ever chore we are doing but not today.

Here the little darlings are, all zonked out.

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