Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Gonzo!

Well, we don't know her real birthday, but she is at least a year old by now. Her vital stats - she's just under 9 pounds. And this is something interesting; back in September I measured her tail-it hasn't gotten any longer since then, still 9.25". According to my cat book, developmentally she's a 15 year old. And she acts like a spoiled teenager. She's a big sweetie when she wants. She still lets me carry her around, slung over my should usually.

She's still very active and loves to play catch. It's hard to take a picture while also trying to throw a toy but I wanted an action shot.

She can jump straight up about 2-3 feet and is very graceful.

She has her prey and is giving it the "bunny feet." I bought this mousie toy for her when I first brought her home. She'd curl up with it when she slept.

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