Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 15, 2006

Here we see Cleo and Gonzo wrestling. There was much growling and snarling by Cleo who was peacefully lounging when Gonzo jumped on top of her and started to "play." This happens several times a day.

This may look like Hana but it's not. It is her "Twin." They are from the same ferel colony, with Twin born a few litters after Hana. We've been feeding her along with our other outside "unoffical" cat, Whiny. Only in the last month or so has she started to let us pet her. Now, I can even pick her up, something Hana still won't let me or Greg do!

Gonzo looking out the window at the rain. She's about 3 months old now!

And Gonzo in some strange pose, cat yoga maybe?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 4, 2006

Happy 4th of July -Independence Day.

Hana in one of her favorite spots. It's also too high for Gonzo to jump up...for now.

The box again!

July 1-2, 2006

Cats doing what they do best... snoozing and striking poses.

June 28, 2006

Gonzo playing with one of her favorite toys - Cleo's tail.

The big cats have accepted her for the most part. They probably figure she isn't going away. Still some hissing but not as much and we think Hana and Cleo may be playing with her. They certainly are getting much more exercise than they have in years. Gonzo keeps them on their toes.

June 27, 2006

Gonzo and Hana stretched out on the rug.
Gonzo had her second vet appointment the day before. 2.8 pounds! Gonzo was pretty well behaved but got snippy her second shot. The vet said she was being "dramatic."

June 22, 2006

Here's the box again, same one as from June 7th.

I let Cleo stay on the counter after I give her her pills. She can't jump up on anything high enough to get away from Gonzo and Gonzo loves to pounce on Cleo.

She is also facinated with the dishwasher. Here she "helps" us load the dirty dishes.

June 18, 2006

During the afternoon, Gonzo likes to snooze behind the curtains.


Anyone who has ever tried to photograph a kitten knows that it's difficult to catch them sitting still. And photographing a black cat has additional challenges.

June 13, 2006

One of the kitten books suggested using trash cans with lids. I now know why-she climbed in here on her own.

"Awwww! Why did you move it? I was having fun!"

Typical cat afternoon, hanging out on the bed. Cleo and Hana at this point haven't completely accepted Gonzo. We think they aren't sure what she is. Lots of hissing. We keep Gonzo closed off in her own room during the day. Partly for the "big cats" but also we don't trust her not to get into something she shouldn't.

June 7, 2006

We kept Gonzo separated from Cleo and Hana until we have her check out by our vet. The vet proclaimed her healthy. He said she was about 6 weeks old, so we declared April 16 her birthday. She was under 2 pounds at that time and in these pictures she has passed the 2 pounds mark.

I don't recall what this box was from, but it's now a favorite of both Gonzo and Cleo.

May 29 2006

Introducing Gonzo!

I found her May 28 at a restaurant called "The Cabin." The exit off of I-10 to get to The Cabin is Gonzolas which was the inspiration for her name. Being a kitten she IS Gonzo, completely nuts. As defines Gonzo:
  1. Using an exaggerated, highly subjective style, especially in journalism: “a hyperkinetic, gonzo version of Graham Greene” (New Yorker).
  2. Bizarre; unconventional.
Yep. The name fits.

By the way, The Cabin has excellent food and atmosphere. All the Southern Louisana favorites: fried green tomatoes, gumbo, po-boys, crab cakes. And speaking of food, Gonzo has a very healthy appetite.