Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 15, 2006

Here we see Cleo and Gonzo wrestling. There was much growling and snarling by Cleo who was peacefully lounging when Gonzo jumped on top of her and started to "play." This happens several times a day.

This may look like Hana but it's not. It is her "Twin." They are from the same ferel colony, with Twin born a few litters after Hana. We've been feeding her along with our other outside "unoffical" cat, Whiny. Only in the last month or so has she started to let us pet her. Now, I can even pick her up, something Hana still won't let me or Greg do!

Gonzo looking out the window at the rain. She's about 3 months old now!

And Gonzo in some strange pose, cat yoga maybe?

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M said...

pretty kitties!