Thursday, December 21, 2006

The two kitten modes

It's been two weeks since Cleo passed but the cat household is still active. Gonzo has been a great comfort and distraction. We say she has two modes: "stinker" when she is being bad or mischievious and "love" when she's being affectionate. It's like there's a switch. She can be very affectionate and likes to be carried around, especially on your shoulder. Then all of the sudden, out of nowhere, the stinker appears. The stinker seems to always find something new to get into. For example:

I heard a commotion in the laundry room one day and there was Gonzo up on the ice chest we store on top of the cabinets.

Here's she's being cute, peaking out from under the covers, one of her favorite places to sleep.

And here's Greg, covered in cats! He's nice and warm on the cooler nights.

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