Monday, December 06, 2010

Dexter, the second twin

Dexter. I'll fatten him up, just you wait.

Twin and Dexter
We feed a few stray cats. Our conditions are 1) they must be neutered and 2) we don't name them so we don't get "attached." Of course, when there are more than one stray around, you've got to some how be able to tell them apart when you talk about them. We used to have "Friendly Cat" "Whiny Cat" and "Twin." All three are from the same feral colony and Twin is called that because she looks just like our "official" cat Hana, also from the same colony. Friendly and Whiny are no longer around. Twin used to not come near us, but now can't get enough of us. She even lets me pick her up and hold her, something neither Hana nor Harold let me do. Hana and Twin also share bad teeth and it came to my attention a few months ago that Twin had lost all her teeth. We had been feeding her dry food and she had lost some weight. We started feeding her canned food and that was when a new crop of strays appeared. Canned food is stinky and the outdoor cats (we don't even call them stray) love it. Now we have a black male cat who I've named Dexter after Dexter Gorden who I share a birth date. He's Gonzo's twin. There's also a third cat that we are going to try and catch and get him neutered. Now we have to stay around when we feed Twin and Dexter because #3 will try and eat their food. I've broken down and given him dry in hopes of distracting him but it doesn't work. Even hungry strays will snub dry cat food.