Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cats' favorite things

These toys with the feathers and a jingle bell on the end are Gonzo's favorite toy (after Cleo's tail). The orange one on the right is her second one, what's left of it. The pink one is only 5 hours old and she's already pulled out several feathers!

Cleo has claimed the tunnel. She sleeps in it all day. She likes small, dark places, plus, it's harder for Gonzo to get her in a sneak attack when she's in here.

I caught Cleo and Gonzo snoozing together. Awwwwww.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cool Cat Contraption

Our friends gave us this cool cat "toy" called the "Fun Tunnel." The kitties aren't sure about it, but give them time. Cleo did show some interest once I sprinkled it with catnip.

Below is "Whiny" our other unofficial cat, one of the strays we feed along with "Twin." We thought if we didn't give them (real) name we wouldn't get attached. Well...

And Hana doesn't appreciate me interrupting her afternoon nap to take a photo. Thrrppttttt!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kitten and a basket

Gonzo was playing with this basket of goodies we got. When she saw the camera she decided she wanted to play with it. With a little encouragment I was able to get her back to her play.

"Mmmmm that was tasty!"

3 pounds and growing!

The benchmark of kitten growth, the box. She had a vet appointment August 1 and the vet asked "Are you feeding her fertilizer?" She weighed in a 3.12 pounds. According to my cat book, she's developmentally equivalent to a human 5 year old. Needless to say she can be a hand full.

Gonzo goes to Work

My business partner's cat passed away the previous week, so I brought Gonzo in for a surprise visit and a kitty fix. Gonzo was a little unnerved being in a new place and didn't like her introduction to the office dog or my partner's baby (seen in the first photo above Gonzo).

I was surprised since she usually seems so fearless, but maybe it was too many new things all at once. But she did seem to enjoy exploring a new place.